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Online Ordering

Not available yet,
if this facility is of interest,
please enquire HERE


price list

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Placing orders

Orders can be placed by phone, fax or in
person at our showroom. If you wish to
take advantage of any promotion, why
not order your furniture now and spend a
little more time selecting your fabric which
can be chosen, if you wish, after the
promotion has ended.


Order Form

Please phone us to help you complete
the form, as it is important that all your
wishes regarding your furniture are
included particularly alterations.

Your order will be made up and covered
exactly as described on the order form. It
is therefore essential that you check the
details on the form before signing it.


Pay a deposit when ordering with the
balance being due when you are advised
that your order is nearing completion.
Payment can be made by cash, cheque
or credit card.



Our 'make-up' time from receipt of fabric
is approximately 8-10 weeks and in an
emergency may be less. To keep makeup
time to a minimum you can order your
sofa before selecting the fabric. The order
can then be put in motion whilst you
choose the material. Many customers
find it easier to order in this way.


We can export to most parts of the world.
Just contact us for a quotation. Please
state the quantity of items in which you

are interested.


We can arrange delivery to most parts of
the UK and Europe. Normally direct to
your door.

Most delivery companies now provide
only one person – with the customers
providing any additional help that may be
needed. A second person can be
provided at an extra cost and provided
we are given sufficient notice.
It is customer's responsibility to ensure
that any goods fit through their doorways
and into the room of their choice.