All of our furniture is individually made for
each customer by skilled craftsmen.


The frames are constructed from the finest
hardwood with joints that are glued,
screwed and dowelled to ensure that the
frames are as strong as possible. The
superbly comfortable seating rests on fully
coiled mesh top springing units. We offer
a selection of cushion fillings to
accommodate different tastes, as we
understand that whilst one customer might
prefer to sink into feather cushions on
their sofa, another may prefer a greater
level of support from firmer cushions.


Each piece of furniture is then upholstered
using traditional materials to create the
shape of the piece and the outside areas
are covered to give added strength before
the fabric is fitted. The fabric is then hand
cut and pattern-matched, paying careful
attention to detail and tailoring to give an
impeccable finish.